→ 4 of the Best (and Cheapest!) Conditioners for Co-Washing | Black Girl with Long Hair
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For those who likes online shopping :

  • store one (free shipping + 12% off with the discount code “doriimer”)
  • store two  (free shipping)
  • store three ($1, $2, $3 shipping)
  • store four (free shipping + 5% off with the discount code “doriimer”)

You guys have to check those stores out ~ Their items are superly duperly lovely and really cheap too. I have found a several cute pieces already waiting in my shopping cart. 

whenever you are sad, just remember that everything on earth is the means, and Allah Is The End

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→ Toril & Katie Make A Meme


So Toril and I thought that the OTP prompts and memes we’d been finding were kind of boring and repetitive, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and make our own. As you can see we are mutual enablers.

Please feel free to use this for whomever your One True Pairing is! We would love…

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Hi again for all of you!——-
Here is one more giveaway!
It is a much much smaller than last one, but it is really special one!

It was realeased for massive sells just two days ago and it is already SOLD OUT!
And you can get it now for…

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i am so disappointed by the SDCC news. of course, we can’t have a new season of YJ, but we HAVE to have an episode(ONE episode) of teen titans go with the YJ cast? WHAT??

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the ‘a batman for all seasons’ panel JUST ended, right?! so what what the news for fans ‘YOUNG’ and old??

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bollywood movie that looks good:

  1. mardaani
  2. haider
  3. das bout it…
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i am on a bollywood roll…

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Zindagi Gulzar Hai looks soooooo good omG

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i reeeeeeally wanna watch la source des femmes and wadjda

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@superhighschoollevelfashionblog is so great

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Hey ya’ll! I’m starting a skype group for Muslim sisters who want to talk with one another! I know it can be tough to find friends who are Muslim, so why not find some here? All you have to do is add me on skype, telling me you want to join the sisters skype group, and Insha’Allah I’ll add you!!

skype name—-> waddlesxmabel

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